Thursday, May 24, 2012



WOW...what a week!!!!....and.....what a GREAT TEAM!!!!

We all met at Bush Intercontintal Airport in Houston at 3:00 on Monday, May 2.  Checked in...made it with all of our bags weighing in at 50lbs or less....YEA!!!

Our flight left that evening at 6:30ish...flew to Dubai....14 1/2 hours!!!  Believe it or not it was not a bad flight.  Emerites is the airline to go with!!  The food was very good, good movies and I had two great neighbors....Ted :) and a sweet man from Pakistan.  The time really went by fast.  We landed around 7:30ish on Tuesday night.  We got to the hotel around 9:00 pm and had dinner.  We went outside of the hotel around 10:00 and two taxi drivers gave us a DEAL on a tour around the city....and it really did end up being a great time!!!  Dubai is a beautiful city but a night it is spectacular!!!  We saw the world's tallest building, the water fountan show, the world's largest mall, the only 7 star hotel in the shape of a sail boat (no, we did not stay there!), walked on the beach along the Perisian Gulf and then we saw the Atlantis Aquarium (at no charge because it was night!!))  Such a great back to the hotel and to bed by 1:30ish then up at 5:00 for breakfast then off to the airport!!!  Arrived in Entebbe around 12:30 (it's Wednesday).  Glenn and Morris were there to pick us up...Aida is still recuperating from surgery so she wasn't there, we really miss her.  We left Entebbe about 2:00, stopped at Joyce's new school in Kampala to visit with was wonderful to see her.  We are so proud of her!!  Then on to Ling Lings for lunch.  Made it to Mbale at 8:30 pm....they had dinner for us....yes, we are eating so much and it is all good!!!

Today....Thursday, May, 24:

Got up and met downstairs for breakfast around 8:00.  After breakfast we met in the Wanale Hut for prayer time before we left for the school.  We went by the school and the IChooseYou office to pick Sarah up.  Then headed over to see the mamas....yes, the greeting was AMAZING as always....they are so full of joy and love!!  We then went to Namatala to see everyone there.....oh, yes, kids, kids, kids and more kids and mamas....visited some of the IChooseYou homes.  The team was spending the day getting their "feet wet" just learning and seeing the area that we will be working in.  After spending several hours in Namatala we went to Glenn's Internet Cafe, Chat and Chino, to have lunch.  After lunch we went back to the school to see the kiddos during their break and then after school.  Oh, man.....what fun!!!!!!  They have grown so  much....well, it has been a year...but, oh, they are so big.  A lot of pictures were taken and a lot of love exchanged!!

Now, what you all have been waiting for....Baby Baby David.
He is the cutest little thing you have ever seen...growing so much.  It was so amazing holding a little miracle today!!!  God is so good....seeing this little miracle and being able to hold him...what a blessing.  I LOVE this little boy....thank you Jesus for sharing this awesome time with us!!!!

Well, we have had dinner tonight and after a long while TRYING to get on the internet and hopefully I am still connected and will not lose this blog is time for bed....will update tomorrow!!!

Love, hugs and blessings from Mbale, Uganda,


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