Tuesday, January 19, 2016


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!   It's so hard to believe it's 2016...I hope that it has started out fun, exciting and filled with grace and blessings for each of you. 

I received a wonderful report from Sarah, from our IChooseYou office, last week. 

All of the children are doing so well. Everyone is healthy, happy and really excelling in school.  Everyone did very well in their studies, all advancing to the next grade.

Paul is starting his last year in Law School. He will be graduating in December 2016 then will start his year long internship.

Florence (Flower), has completed Sr.6 and is waiting to hear how she did on her national exit exam. She will then start classes at the University in the Fall.

Mike is starting his senior year (senior 6) and will take his national exit exam in Oct.

Joyce will return to boarding school, Lugazi Homeland University, along with Justine and John. Joyce is waiting for her results before entering Sr.5, Justine will be in Sr.3 and John will be in Sr. 2. 

Joining Joyce, Justine and John will be Charity, Winnie, Akuu and Kizito.  We are so proud of them for working so hard so they can go to boarding school. They will be in Sr.1class.

Children that will be attending Mbale Secondary School, Sr.1-Sr. 4 are: Vicky, Bumba 
Edrisa, Bumba James, Sharon, Ambrose, Meddie, Faizo, Rebecca, Bridget, Gorret, Nakihu Betty, Stanley and Lesse.

Children in P7 class at Covenant Primary School, living in the Hostel are: Jonah, Mwanga Paul, Ilukor Betty, Stephen, Sicilla, Martha, Fortunate, Sandra and Manuala.

Children in Covenant Primary School in Mbale, Nursery-P6 are: Loru, Gift, Baby Rebecca, Edwin, Tikwanga, Joann, Dennis, Esther, Ana, Beatrice, Gloria, Irene, Priscilla, Ruth, Asuman, Daniel, Isaac, Opio Isaac, Jacob, Peter, Joseph and Teko Brian. 

I hope you are as excited for your child as I am for them all.  They have done so well and are learning what a gift and great opportunity you are giving each one of them. 
We will be returning to Uganda in June. If you are wanting to send a letter and/or picture to your child(ren), please feel free to send it to us at IChooseYou P.O. Box 1357, Wimberley TX 78676. 

Thank you so much for loving your children and all that you do for them.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sports Day!

        Last Friday was sports day at Covenant Primary school! Several other primary schools in Mbale came to Covenant Primary to participate in a competitive sports day. Several IChooseYou children participated in netball, volleyball, and football (soccer) matches. The school grounds were full of teachers, children, and referees. Vendors came to sell popcorn, mandazi (donuts), and ice cream. Covenant Primary came away victorious in the under 12 boys and under 14 boys football matches. It was great fun for all! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Birthday, Vicky!

It is this beautiful girl’s fifteenth birthday, so it’s only fitting that we feature her on our blog today. Vicky is in the P7 class (equivalent of 6th grade) at Covenant Primary school. Vicky has been in the IChooseYou program for six years. She lives in Namatala with her mother, seven year old brother, and three year old sister. 

When  she grows up, Vicky wants to pursue a career as a doctor. I asked her why she is choosing this profession, and she responded that she would love to treat God’s people. At school, Vicky likes to hang out with her friends Rebecca (also in IChooseYou), Rachel, Mercy, and Christine. 

After school, Vicky helps her mother with chores and takes care of her two younger siblings.When she isn't at school or helping at home, Vicky likes to play netball and volleyball, as well as sing and dance. She loves to praise and worship, and she says that God has been teaching her more about worship lately.

Until recently, Vicky had a hard time reading her Bible because the print was too small and she had a problem with her vision. Now, she has been provided with glasses and is able to read her Bible once more. Her favorite story in the Bible is the story of Noah’s ark because “we should all serve the Lord our God and trust in him, just like Noah did.”

Vicky’s message to you: “Hold on to God and trust in Him, because he cares for everybody!”

Learn more about how you can sponsor a child like Vicky at www.ichooseyou.org 

Monday, June 30, 2014


This is Asuman. Asuman is ten years old and in the Primary 2 class (1st grade). He works very hard in school and is in the top of his class. His favorite subject to study is mathematics. When he grows up, Asuman wants to be a pilot because he thinks it would be fun. Asuman enjoys playing football (soccer) and playing with his friends Teko Brian, Wataka, and Senyonga. 

Asuman has chickens and ducks at home, which he helps to care for. He lives with his mother, three brothers, and two sisters in Namatala. His mother, Grace, is a diligent participant in the IChooseYou mother’s sewing club. His favorite animal is a monkey and his favorite Bible stories are found in the book of John. Asuman has been in the IChooseYou program for two years. When I asked him if he wanted to say anything to his sponsors, he said, “I love you.” Asuman is a happy and helpful child. He can often be found pushing other kids around in a wheelbarrow during break times. He loves to laugh and have fun. He is very kind and smart, but my favorite thing about him is his enormous smile.

Monday, June 23, 2014


“Why do you want to be a doctor?”

Gloria scrunches her forehead together in deep concentration, as if the thought had never occurred to her before. After thinking about it for a moment, she replies, “I just want to help people.”

That statement embodies everything you need to know about this beautiful ten year old. At school, Gloria is always ready to lend a hand, whether it be carrying something for you, or helping to get the other children quiet during Bible stories. On more than one occasion, I’ve seen her put a gentle hand on a friend’s arm, to warn them to settle down before they get into trouble. At home, Gloria loves to help her mother with the other children, cooking, and other work around the home. Gloria lives with her mother, father, three sisters, and a “brother cousin”, as she calls him. Gloria has been in IChooseYou for one year and is in the P-3 (2nd grade) class at school. She enjoys going to school and being with her friends, Priscilla, Irene, Sandra, and Anna. Her favorite subject is science, and she especially likes to learn about domestic animals and insects. She likes to learn about the many insects and see which ones she can spot at home in Namatala. Gloria enjoys playing soccer, making up stories, and playing games with her friends.When asked if she would like to say anything to her sponsors, Gloria replied, “I love my sponsors! Thank you for caring for me!”

The same love and care that Gloria has received, she is more than ready to give to others. What a beautiful example of what we all should do with the Father’s love that He so graciously has poured out on each of us.

Friday, April 4, 2014


This smiley fellow is Meddy. Meddy is fourteen years old and in the Primary 7 class at Covenant Primary School. He lives with his mother in Namatala. Meddy has one younger brother and one younger sister. Meddy has been in the IChooseYou program for six years. His favorite subjects are English and math. Meddy is particularly gifted in math and he even helps his friends with their math homework. Meddy wants to study accounting at university and eventually work in a bank. Meddy makes excellent grades and is very dedicated to his school work. He is ranked in the top five among his classmates. Outside of school, Meddy enjoys spending time with his friends and singing. He sometimes sings, plays instruments, and dances at his church. His favorite Bible story is found in Acts 3, when Peter heals the lame man outside of the temple. This is his favorite story because it encourages him that God is powerful and does great miracles. Meddy is very grateful for the opportunity to go to school.

"I want to say thank you to Mama Becky and my sponsors. It is a good thing you have done here. We are not the same people were once were. I pray that you are given more of the spirit of giving so that you can continue to give to many others."

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


This beautiful girl is Sandra. Sandra is in P-4 (3rd Grade) and does very well in her class. She loves to go to school and her favorite subject is mathematics. Her favorite color is pink. When she isn't in class, Sandra enjoys playing netball and jump rope with her friends, Irene, Gloria, and Priscilla.

Sandra comes from a very loving and stable home, a rare thing in Namatala. Her father, Robert, understands his responsibility to take care of and provide for his family, and he is a very loving father and husband. Sandra's mother, Annette, is an active participant in IChooseYou's sewing club, learning job skills, financial planning, and how work alongside others in a way that is pleasing in God's sight. The family is a beacon of light in the community, regularly caring for the children of their neighbors and it isn't rare to see a large group of hungry children on their porch at dinner time. Sandra has two younger brothers and two younger sisters, all of whom love her immensely.

When Sandra grows up, she wants to be a primary school teacher. She loves to read her Bible and she wants to teach the Bible to others when she is older. The story of Abraham is her favorite. When I asked her why, she said, "Because Abraham heard the voice of God. I want to learn to hear the voice of God." I think she already has.