Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Birthday, Vicky!

It is this beautiful girl’s fifteenth birthday, so it’s only fitting that we feature her on our blog today. Vicky is in the P7 class (equivalent of 6th grade) at Covenant Primary school. Vicky has been in the IChooseYou program for six years. She lives in Namatala with her mother, seven year old brother, and three year old sister. 

When  she grows up, Vicky wants to pursue a career as a doctor. I asked her why she is choosing this profession, and she responded that she would love to treat God’s people. At school, Vicky likes to hang out with her friends Rebecca (also in IChooseYou), Rachel, Mercy, and Christine. 

After school, Vicky helps her mother with chores and takes care of her two younger siblings.When she isn't at school or helping at home, Vicky likes to play netball and volleyball, as well as sing and dance. She loves to praise and worship, and she says that God has been teaching her more about worship lately.

Until recently, Vicky had a hard time reading her Bible because the print was too small and she had a problem with her vision. Now, she has been provided with glasses and is able to read her Bible once more. Her favorite story in the Bible is the story of Noah’s ark because “we should all serve the Lord our God and trust in him, just like Noah did.”

Vicky’s message to you: “Hold on to God and trust in Him, because he cares for everybody!”

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