Tuesday, January 19, 2016


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!   It's so hard to believe it's 2016...I hope that it has started out fun, exciting and filled with grace and blessings for each of you. 

I received a wonderful report from Sarah, from our IChooseYou office, last week. 

All of the children are doing so well. Everyone is healthy, happy and really excelling in school.  Everyone did very well in their studies, all advancing to the next grade.

Paul is starting his last year in Law School. He will be graduating in December 2016 then will start his year long internship.

Florence (Flower), has completed Sr.6 and is waiting to hear how she did on her national exit exam. She will then start classes at the University in the Fall.

Mike is starting his senior year (senior 6) and will take his national exit exam in Oct.

Joyce will return to boarding school, Lugazi Homeland University, along with Justine and John. Joyce is waiting for her results before entering Sr.5, Justine will be in Sr.3 and John will be in Sr. 2. 

Joining Joyce, Justine and John will be Charity, Winnie, Akuu and Kizito.  We are so proud of them for working so hard so they can go to boarding school. They will be in Sr.1class.

Children that will be attending Mbale Secondary School, Sr.1-Sr. 4 are: Vicky, Bumba 
Edrisa, Bumba James, Sharon, Ambrose, Meddie, Faizo, Rebecca, Bridget, Gorret, Nakihu Betty, Stanley and Lesse.

Children in P7 class at Covenant Primary School, living in the Hostel are: Jonah, Mwanga Paul, Ilukor Betty, Stephen, Sicilla, Martha, Fortunate, Sandra and Manuala.

Children in Covenant Primary School in Mbale, Nursery-P6 are: Loru, Gift, Baby Rebecca, Edwin, Tikwanga, Joann, Dennis, Esther, Ana, Beatrice, Gloria, Irene, Priscilla, Ruth, Asuman, Daniel, Isaac, Opio Isaac, Jacob, Peter, Joseph and Teko Brian. 

I hope you are as excited for your child as I am for them all.  They have done so well and are learning what a gift and great opportunity you are giving each one of them. 
We will be returning to Uganda in June. If you are wanting to send a letter and/or picture to your child(ren), please feel free to send it to us at IChooseYou P.O. Box 1357, Wimberley TX 78676. 

Thank you so much for loving your children and all that you do for them.

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