Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 7, 2010

Andrew - 
The villages are crowded and dirty; just as I had expected - although, it seems hard to imagine that this place could ever really be expected.  The poverty is of course rampant and permeating; but, lets be honest: people are making cooking pots out of melted down car rims - that has to be beyond imagination.  It seems as though this idea of resourcefulness is the key, this is how you survive.  We aren't faced with this in America.  Resourcefulness is simply a prudent idea, one worth acting upon only if you have time and it is convenient.  Here, resourcefulness is the difference between life and death, food on the table or none. 
“To whom much is given, much will be expected.”  My thoughts for today rest in God’s great provision and the secret to contentment.  I think it is unfair to compare daily living in the US to daily living in Uganda…it is like comparing apples to mangoes.  But, one thing that does span both continents is the secret that Paul refers to in his letter to the Philippians – the secret to contentment.  So can we learn what it is to be content, whether we have only as much as Ugandans, or whether we have an abundance like Americans?  One is not better than the other.  These are just different circumstances set about by our Father for our benefit.  Let’s hope and pray that we all learn contentment in daily living.  

December 7.
Haley - Today we got to make 10 new additions into the IChooseYou family! As we went with Mamma Aidah and Hassan to take pictures and bio information of the 10 ( well 11 because we couldn’t turn down one!:) ) I never would have dreamed of being able to pick another 10 children after having been blessed to pick the first 20 children with Aidah in 2007. But God gives us the desires of our hearts and so much more, doesn’t he?! God is so good to let Andrew and I be there to witness such a time as this! I hope I never forget the Mamas and Gagas (grandmothers) joy as they are told that their child will be able to go to school and have a future. I don’t think I’ve ever received so many hugs! They keep saying thanks to us but it is hard to receive because we did no good thing.. WE are the grateful ones. God has allowed us to come to Uganda and share His deep Love for his people. WE get to hear cries of joy and laughter as our faithful brothers and sisters in Uganda praise God for hearing and answering their prayers for their families.  We are but 2 sets of hands in such a big body of believers and are SO thankful to deliver such wonderful news. Oh how I hope I am able to relay such joy and gratitude to all of you whom our Lord has put IChooseYou on your hearts and/or who sponsor one of the beautiful children!
I am so excited to see these new 11 grow in their knowledge of Christ and grow healthy and smart! May you all stick around and be blessed to see God transform their lives before your very eyes, too!
Andrew took many ( and I mean MANY J ) pictures today and these are but a few of Namatala village. The children wear clothes worn almost to rags. Most suffer from some sort of disease and several of the children have worms, warts, malaria, burns, and most sleep at least 5 to a small hut. Grandmothers and aunties take in many children whose parents either died of AIDs or have abandoned their children or are in the village trying to find odd jobs meanwhile the child is left to fend for him/herself.  It’s a hard-knock life for the Karamojong.
So… thank you, Lord for IChooseYou Ministries! We praise you for your GREAT mercy on us. You are compassionate, You are an abundant Giver. And not only do You hear our cries, but You respond … You have responded by sending your son, Jesus Christ, to die for us on the cross so that we may have eternal life with You. May you fill Andrew and I with your Holy Spirit tomorrow as we go hut-to-hut and share Your Gospel. Amen!


  1. This is awesome news! Praise God for His provision.

    Andrew, I love your thoughts. Well said. Its always powerful to hear first impressions.

    Haley, Amen to your prayer!

    Be blessed. Thank you for serving the least of these.
    Cathy Marshall

  2. Haley and Andrew.
    I love that you can share this experience with all our friends and family. I forwarded the link to your blog to several people. I love the pictures that are included. Andrew.... don't let Haley give you a hard time about how many you take! :-).... There is no such thing as too many pictures when you love capturing beautiful and moving moments. Keep sharing! Haley, I know you are not going to want to come back home, but you better, Little Miss!!! I love you and miss you.
    To both of you, stay healthy and safe. I'm praying for you every day. We're looking forward to spending Christmas with you and and hearing all about your trip.
    Love, Mom