Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Day in Mbale

 Our last Day...
Today we had our IChooseYou Christmas Celebration ! We started the morning doing Tie-Dye shirts with the children and then headed into the church as families rolled in around noon. Andrew opened us up in prayer and then the IChooseYou children performed the song they had written about IChooseYou :) For those of you who have been to Uganda, I'm sure you know the tune!
It was an incredible thing to witness... the 11 brand new children sitting quietly in the back in their tattered clothes. Even the new moms and dads who brought them were sitting in the back, shy and awaiting what was to come..I was reminded once again of where the 30 kids came from. These strong, brilliant children singing joyfully at the top of their lungs and strutting their stuff were not very long ago hopeless and looking just like the 11 in the back. Even the moms and dads sat taller than before. They beamed as they looked at their children. God has worked wonders in all of their lives.
Then the IChooseYou families sang a few African worship songs. I enjoyed watching Andrew smile all the while, not knowing a single word  haha
 Sarah, Joyce's mom, stood up on behalf of the ICY families and thanked God for the IChooseYou program. Then Mama Aidah stood and spoke to the families, encouraging them of their children's good reports and in their sewing.  She also introduced the new 11 children and the African woman did their squal :) Their unique form of praise(the IYIYIYI!)  still resonates in my heart! I got to stand and give thanks for the opportunity to bring good news to them and share in their joy as God continues His good works in their lives.
Soon after a few more speeches and information for the new families, we all prayed once again (this time lead by Joyce- one of the children).. and then all shared a meal to together. The meal was rice, beans, chicken, beef stew, some cooked greens, and a soda :) Typical African foods, but a FEAST for sure!

THANK YOU ..all who donated money to help make this happen! Over 40 families were blessed to be filled a warm meal.

After the celebration we headed to the pig farm.. and YES, We can actually call it one now that there are pigs! They were so cute, but they didn't smell so cute...
How encouraging it was to see life on the Pig farm! The Lord knew my patience was running thin, so it was an answered prayer to see His Work. I'm looking forward to seeing the pigs reproduce and Kasava root planted and harvested on the land next time we visit, God willing.
Please continue to pray over the land and the pigs, that this land and all of its fruit be used to glorify God.

Andrew:  The only word I can muster is wow.  It has truly been a full trip, and by full I mean we've done and seen so much, I don't know that we could have done much more.  I have seen God's purpose in us coming to Uganda,  and I am thankful to have helped here.  I want to thank those who donated money towards the celebration meal.  THANK YOU so much.  Your gifts helped so much and I hope that you can see the smiles on the children's faces in the pictures!  You have been the hands and feet of Christ in Uganda without even going!

I know that we will be going back one day.  When that is will be up to the Lord, but I hope and pray that things continue to go well with our little ministry in Uganda in the meantime, that the pig farm keeps growing, and that there are many more through ICY who come to know the fullness of Christ's love!

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