Friday, March 4, 2011

Meet Musa

I would like for you to meet Musa, better known as YumYum.  This first picture was taken within the first year of IChooseYou.  YumYum had been in school for 3 months and was still a little shy.  The second picture was taken the following year and needless to say he is no longer a shy little boy.  Two of our team members, Taylor Campbell and Julie Mac Gray gave him the sun glasses to put on and taught him the "gang" sign....he is such a little mess....we all love him....he is so fun.
Musa, YumYum will be 10 years old this year.  When Momma Aida chose him to be an IChooseYou child he had to learn that he did not have to go through the "rubbish" piles to find food.  Momma Aida tells the story that one day a friend of hers called her to tell her that "one of her kids" (in a school uniform) was going through the rubbish piles and was not in school.  Momma Aida went to see who it was Musa, YumYum.  He was scared when he saw Momma Aida because he thought that he was in trouble and that he was going to be punished. She sat down with him and told him to look at her face.  She asked him if he thought she looked angry.  He shook his head, "no".  She then told YumYum that she loved him and that he no longer had to get his food from the "rubbish", that he was now an IChooseYou child and that he would be fed at school and at home, that he would not go hungry again.  Also, that he could go to school and learn so that he could grow up to be a man that works and takes care of his family.  YumYum has not gone back to the "rubbish pile" again.  He has gone from the unsmiling, hopeless, shy little boy to the happy, fun, laughing little boy that is full of hope.
We can't wait to go see Musa, YumYum....wonder what he is up to now....we will report on him when we get back from our upcoming trip in May.
If you would like to help Musa or any of the IChooseYou children...go to and sign up to sponsor a child...make a difference in a child's life!!!

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