Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It's hard to believ that we are gearing up to go back to Uganda!! Plans are being made and the team is set and we are so excited to see just what God is going to do this summer. We have 16 people going this year...some will be stayingfoes 2 weeks, some for a month and some for 6 weeks!!! we are hoping to have a medical team ready for us to put on two 2 days clinics in the Village of Namatala...they say that we will have THOUSANDS come through the clinic...I love seeing how God works these things out Nd puts a team together to help these wonderful people...people that have become our family. I'm not real sure what this will look like, I just know that the doctors and nurses said for us to be ready foe anything!!

We will of course spen time with our IChooseYou families and the children...I can't wait to see them all...they grow so much in a year. Right ow we have 46 children in school and hopefully will add 4 more this summer.

Our IChooseYou moms are still very busy sewing and making jewelry and doing so well with that work. They are so dedicated and work so hard. We are so proud of them. Darby is hoping to spend some real quality time with them this year taking them away to a new location and away from distractions so that they can concentrate better and so that they can feel a little special...because...these ladies ARE SO SPECIAL.

Brandi will be taking "Pink"....our ladies Bible study...to them again this year. This is such a blessing to the ladies...something that they look so forward to!

It is such a blessing to have 7 people return with us again this year!!! Darby Burleson, Brandi Silva and Deanna Duke will be returning for there 3rd year!!! Haley Littmannwill be returning for her 4th year, Callie Eacret returning for her 2nd year with hopes and dreams of returning for several months next January. Then there is Ted Ball returning for his 5th year...at the age of almost 82, the children probably wouldn't let us in the country without him...what a true blessing he is to the team and especially to the our IChooseYou family! Then this will be my 7th trip over to my "second" home...how blessed I am!!!

We have some amazing new faces on our team this year...Mark Muhlstien...yea another man!!! He will bring so much knowledge and so much love to the team,,,yea Mark!!! Also Kristyn Kicey, a graduating senior at Texas State will be ging foe the first time and will be staying foe 2 months....how exciting!! Next is Jennifer Thames....an amazing person, wife and super mom!! She will be graduating fromTexas State in May with a degree in accounting....oh is she needed....what a blessing she is!!! Then we have the life and the energy of the team...TEXAS STATE STUDENTS...Madison Nye...dance and theater major....will the kids love that!!! David Booth...no words to describe him....singer/songwriter...the Pied Piper with the kids..then we have Kady Gill and Scott Perez joining us with their energy, love and enthusiasm!!!! Also to friends fromKaty Texas will bw joining us....Haley and Scotty Jones....brother and sister that are amazing!!! 2nd year back or oth of them...Haley was with us some is last year....can't wait..It's going to be an amazing trip.

We would all love your prayers from May 21 - July 11. We know that we need your prayers and we as one them....this is not our team, our trip, or our IChooseYou ministry....it all belongs to our Lord...how blessed we are to be ale to be a part of this oth Him!!!

Now...would you like to join us and be a part of the big picture???? You are needed!!!

We are having our 2nd IChooseYou dinner and fundraiser on Saturday, March 31...6:30 at Cypress Creek Curch in Wimberley...tickets are just $15.00 each. What do you get for that $15.00 you ask...wonderful dinner catered by My Mother's Daughter Catering and Texas Roadhouse...Live entertainment....2 different bands; Chris Kipp and then a band from Austin that plays the African Djembe's....so cool!!! We will have a silent auction...IChooseYou t-shirts for sell...the opportunity to sponsor a child. We will have videos and great stories from last years trip. There will be bags, pillow cases and hand-made jewelry from the IChooseYou Mom's Sewing Club!!!! Last year was our first dinner and we had several people say that they had bad so much fun and if they had know what it was all about then they would have brought their friends....sooo...BRING YOUR FRIENDS AND COME HAVE A REALLY FUN EVENING!!!!

I know that is a lot of info....but we have a lot going on...SO COME ON OUT AND JOIN US!!!!

Tickets are being sold after each service the next two weeks, at the church office or from Brandi Silva, Darby Burleson, Emily Dudley or from me!!!! COME JOIN US!!!!

Keep watching foe updates....love and hugs to all of you.

Becky Ball

"For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. The LORD your God has chosen you out of all the people's on the face of the earth to be His people, His treasured possession.".
Deuteronomy 7:6

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