Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Garden and The Well

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well....hope you got some rain!!!  We did in Wimberley and are so thankful.

I just wanted to check in with you and let you know all is well with IChooseYou.  I have gotten a couple of emails from Aida and from Sarah.  The children are doing well in school and are healthy and happy.  The mamas are working hard sewing and making jewelry.  We hope to have more items when Morris and Aida come to the states in January. 

Two of my Texas State students, Callie Ecret and Jessica Chapman have started a new facebook page called "The Garden and The Well"...go check it out.  They are wanting to raise money to drill a well in Namatala and to have a garden to feed 400 (yes, 400!!) people!!!  They are doing all of the research and the fundraising so check it out, help out if and however you can and most especially pray for Callie and Jessica and this big project that God has laid on their hearts!!!  Thank you and bless you girls!!!

Also, would appreciate spreading the word that we are looking for sponsors for our sweet little IChooseYou kiddos.  Cost of food, clothing and medical is continuing to go up so if you know of anyone that would love to sponsor a child please send them to the website   or email me at .

I am working on updating the website...please be patient with me....I am learning as I go.  I've had a sweet lady offer to help me and I am going to call her but I need to find a day to do that!!!

If you all would, I would like to ask you to pray for the following:

1.  Health for our IChooseYou children
2.  Health for our IChooseYou moms, dads and siblings
3.  Continued prayer for Regina...she is better but still not completely healed
4.  Continued prayer for Agnes....she too is better...pray for her salvation and her health (picture of her at bottom of page)
5.  More sponsors for IChooseYou so we can help more children
6.  Baby David (Loru) is doing well...praise God!!!  Have had good reports about him!
7.  Another praise....Sulli, Maureen and the JaJa (Baby David's family) are doing well and are going to church and studying the Word!!
8.  Pray blessing for Pastor Morris, Aida and their family
9.  Blessings for our sweet Sarah that works in our office
10.  Blessings for our IChooseYou Sewing moms and the work of their hands
11.  Blessings and guidance for the new Garden and Well project
12.  Blessings for all of our IChooseYou sponsors and supporters

We all know how important our prayers are for our Ugandan family and for each other...I hope you will join me in prayer for them and for each other.

If you have a prayer request or if you think of something that I have left off, please add it to the blog!!!

Love and blessings to all of you,

This is a picture of Agnes!!!  She is doing so much better!!  God is so good and He does answer our prayers...please continue to pray for her to KNOW the Lord!!

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