Monday, July 8, 2013

The Importance of a Sponsor

When IChooseYou was "born", I wondered how on earth I was going to get sponsors for 20 children.  It has been so easy!!!  Why? You ask....I'm so glad that you did.  There is only one answer.....The Lord has chosen each sponsor!!  Yes, there are things that we need to do but IChooseYou is here because it is to bring glory to The Lord!!!

I would like to share a couple of things that have happened since our 2013 Team has returned....remember, team member and board member, Callie Eacret, is still there and will be until November.

1.  One of our little girls fell on the playground at school and broke her arm.  She arrived at Callie's house after school to do her homework and she looked like she was unhappy, a little sad or maybe in some pain.....they do not complain much.  Callie talked to her and she told Callie what had happened and that she had gone to the doctor and that the doctor had given her some cream to put on it!   I am so thankful that Callie is there...she took her to another doctor, had her arm x-rayed and they put a cast on it.  She will be as good as new in a few weeks.

2.  The next day, a different little girl, fell and broke her collar bone!  This is not a new thing for this young lady, she has broken both arms....this is the third break in 4 years.  Again, Callie took her to the doctor and she too will heal and be as good as new!!

I tell you about these two little girls because if they were not a part of IChooseYou and if they did not have a sponsor....their arms and collar bone would not be set and they would have a difficult life trying to use them.

One more story:

We have a young man that has been in IChooseYou from the beginning.  He is 12 years old, doing well in school, a little shy and has the sweetest and biggest smile that I have ever seen!  His mother died after we left.  They had the burial in a different village so he with his Jja Ja (grandmother) went to the village for the burial.  The Jja Ja returned to Namatala but the boy did not.  When someone went to check on him, his uncle said that he was not going to come back to Namatala, to IChooseYou or to school.  He was to stay and live (probably work) with his uncle.  We could not do anything about it.  So, we prayed, and prayed and prayed.  Last week, Callie and Aidah went to the village, found the hut he was living in and found 4 + children under the age of 14 living adults, no food, nothing.  They were dirty, hungry and very sad.  At the time, they could not do anything for all of the children but they could bring our IChooseYou child home.  They also found out that his Jja Ja would beat him and not let him have food so he was not excited about going home.  God is so good...he is living at Aidah's home for now, Callie is working with him and he will move into the hostel when he is ready.  He is back in school and they are feeding him food for his physical body and food for his emotional and spiritual well being.

This is just one more way to see God move in the lives of these children AND in the lives of the sponsors!!

So, I say, "Thank you Lord!!  Thank you Sponsors!!!"  You are making a way for children that would be lost in a world with no love, care, food, school or knowing the blessings of their Lord. 

If you are reading this and want to be a part in the life of a child in Namatala, Uganda you can!!!!  Go to  , look at the children's pictures and join our family!!!  We welcome you! 

If you are a sponsor, then again, we say....THANK YOU for obeying God's calling on your life by sponsoring and loving a precious child!


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