Sunday, February 16, 2014


This beautiful girl is Justine. Justine has just completed her final year of primary school and will be departing next week for boarding school in Kampala. After secondary school, Justine would like to continue her education at university. She would like to become a lawyer or a teacher when she has completed her education. 

Justine's life has not been an easy one. The youngest of four sisters, Justine was a baby when her father died of AIDS. Her parents owned and operated a shop together, but when her father died, her mother was turned away empty handed. Justine's uncle helped the family to find a new place to live in Mbale. Her mother, Sarah, now raising four children by herself, was able to obtain a job with TASO (The Aids Support Organization). Since Sarah had to work, the children were left alone most of the time. Justine fondly looks back at times when she spent days playing pretend games with her sisters. 

A representative from IChooseYou came to the area they were living in when Justine was school age. Joyce was immediately accepted into IChooseYou. When Joyce and Justine's mother heard about the child sponsorship program, she thought it was a scam. Surely no one could want to help her family, without desiring any payment in return? When it was proven that IChooseYou wanted to do exactly that, Justine was added to IChooseYou as well. Both began attending primary school, and with a little extra help academically, Justine thrived. 

Justine loves her sponsors, and getting to know them has made a great impact on her life. When she was nearing the end of primary school, Justine decided that boarding school would be the best choice for her. She discussed it with the leaders of IChooseYou and then humbly put her request before her sponsors. Justine is so happy and thankful that her sponsors have continued to support her so well throughout the years. 

Justine feels boarding school is the best place for her because she will be able to stay very focused on her studies in such a structured environment. Her favorite subjects are English and social studies. Justine's sister, Joyce, attends another campus of the same boarding school in Kampala. Justine is very excited about attending secondary school and being closer to her sister. 

Though her life has not always been the easiest, this lovely and wise thirteen year old is full of truth. While discussing outward beauty, Justine said,

"All are beautiful. None is ugly who is made in the image of God." 

How right she is. And what an exquisitely beautiful young woman she is, both inside and out. 

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