Friday, May 27, 2011

Another great day!!!

Hi All.....hope this fines everyone doing well.  Team One is doing great!!!  Such a good team...working hard and everyone is enjoying beautiful Uganda.  We had another good day.....

We started out this morning at 6:15 in the Wanali Hut with Kyla leading worship and Micah leading our prayer time.....what a wonderful way to start our day with the sun coming up over the mountains!!!

Our driver picked us up at 8:00.  We dropped off the team at Covenant to teach this morning while Becca and I went to Morris and Aidah's house to meet the lady and her baby.  She and the baby were there waiting for us.  Morris decided to take her by himself because he did not want Becca and I to go into the hospital because of the deseases....we wanted to go but he really thought we shouldn't.  So off they went and Becca and Darby and I went to the market to look for sewing supplies for Darby's sewing ladies then because we had time and we were already in Mbale Town we decided to pick up the monthly IChooseYou supplies for tomorrow.

After we took the supplies to Covenant we returned to Morris and Aidah's.  Morris and the lady were back....the doctor said that the baby was doing ok and that the wound around the intestines was not infected....Thank you Jesus!!  Morris will take her back in the morning hopefully for the first of three surgeries....please keep praying for this little guy, his mom and for the doctors performing the surgery.

After Ted, Micah, Kyla, Taylor, Brandi and Josh finished up at Covenant they joined Darby, Becca and I for lunch.  After we ate we went next door to where the ladies sewing room is and while Brandi was teaching the Bible Study it started raining.  We had a wonderful afternoon....around 20 to 25 women and children in a small 10x12 room.....some sewing, everyone talking together and we were holding babies for about 2 1/2 hours in the pouring rain.  The ladies sang beautiful songs, we laughed together and really got to know one another with babies sleeping, children playing, toads hopping, rain beating down on the metal roof and lots of thunder....what a wonderful day!!
What a blessing these ladies are and what wonderful things Darby is allowing God to do through her!

We will have a big day tomorrow (Saturday).  We will start at 8:30ish at the IChooseYou office filling bags with the flour and sugar that the families receive each month along with their vasaline and soap.  They will all meet us at the office around 1:00 to pick up their monthly supplies.  Josh will take pictures of the kiddos while I will update their bios and talk to the families and the's gonna be another great day in Uganda.

Hope all of you are doing well....we send love and hugs to all of you.....will write more tomorrow!


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