Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thankful hearts!!

Saturday was a wonderful day. Darbs and I had the privilege of going out into the Namatala village and visiting the huts of almost all of the sewing ladies. They were so honored that their "Teacher" came to their house. Darby prayed over their homes. We were both humbled and honored to see how they live, up close. Their joy is overflowing in the midst of unthinkable living conditions! The mother of one of the new girls that had just started attending our PiNK Bible study this past week, accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior this day!! God is so good and He is working through this amazing group of women. They are impacting their village! They are a Heartgroup in every sense of the word.

While Darbs and I were out, the rest of the team divided out the monthly IChooseYou supply of Flour, Sugar, Soap and Vaseline. Then, the IChooseYou families came, with their kids to get their monthly supplies. Becky interviewed them to, including some new kids, to update their bios. They are all doing great! What a fun day of laughter and playing. It is truly a giant family!!

Sunday was an outstanding day, beginning with church in the morning. Darbs, Becky and I had the privilege of teaching the women, while the younger girls taught the kids. Nothing compares to worship in Africa!! A long day, but a very rich one! After church, we served lunch to the IChooseYou familes as well as the rest of the church. Then, they "performed" for us!! The IChooseYou moms performed the most precious skit illustrating where they came from and how IChooseYou has changed their lives. They literally acted out how they used to live, compared to how they live now. The moms and the children sang and danced for us. We heard and felt over and over again just how thankful they are for us. Aidah said that if we could look inside their bodies to see their hearts, they would be jumping up and down. We ended it with handing out their new backpacks filled with school supplies, new IChooseYou t-shirts, socks, sponsor letters and gifts. Again, they simply could not contain their joy. It is amazing how something that seems so small to us can bring them such happiness. What a lesson to learn!

As Aidah says, 100 years from now, it won't matter what kind of clothes you wore or what kind of car you drove or what kind of house you lived in. What will matter was what you did in the life of a child!!

Monday we had the opportunity to go to Lulwanda Children's Home! A terrible road to travel on, but well worth the trip. Darbs got to see her little Davis again and introduce him to his "brother and sister" Josh and Micah. It was precious! The Lulwanda kids are incredible and are so happy secure in their home there.

Today was spent back with the sewing ladies and bead making ladies for some of us, while others went back out into Namatala village. By the way, the mother of the sick baby we had discovered in the village - well she acceptted Jesus as her Lord and Savior today. Her baby will have his surgery next Tuesday and it is not going to be too expensive! Thank you for praying for that! His life has been saved. Morris said he will definitely be an IChooseYou kid one day when he gets older. :)

Over and over, God is showing up and showing us that He is in control and we are playing our roles in His master plan. It is such a privilege to be here, working for Him, watching glory being brought to His name!!

The trip for team 1  is winding down and it is hard to say good-bye to our family here! Thank you all again for your support and prayers. I don't think you will ever fully understand what you are doing for these kids and their families here in Uganda. God bless you!

,Brandi & the Team

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  1. i am so glad things are going so well and God is working in so many ways. love yall!- deanna