Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh Happy Day!!!

Greetings from Mbale and Namatala, Uganda!!!! 
I am happy to report that all is well with Team 1...everyone is healthy and working hard and loving on a whole bunch of precious African children and their parents.

Now for a brief update of our last few days (or not so brief):

We arrived in Mbale on Monday after stopping at, what I call, the "African Wal Mart" to buy the kiddos their very own "real" backpacks and then of course we had to stop at Ling Lings to eat lunch.  After about a 6 hour van ride we were greeted by Noah and his staff at our wonderful "home away from home" Mt. Elgon Hotel.  They always make you feel so good with their big smiles, hugs and just wonderful Ugandan "YOU ARE WELCOME"!!!  As the team was very tired we ate and then went right to's been a whole year since I have gotten to bed by 9:30 :) 

Tuesday was a slow day.  I met with Aidah to discuss what we were planning on doing over the next couple of weeks and Darby met with Margaret concerning the sewing ladies.  After that we went to Covenant to chat with Head Master Stephen and peek in each of the classrooms.  After that we went to see where Darby's Sewing Ladies is a very nice's wonderful to see the ladies sewing inside on the machines while ladies sat on matts outside making beads and straw matts and their little children playing in the area around about "Community"....what a great start for our first IChooseYou "HEART GROUP"!!!! Way to go ladies!!!
We had a wonderful treat...Joyce, Justine and their mother Sarah came to the hotel and had dinner with us.  We sponsor Joyce and my sister, Julie, and my brother-in-law James sponsor Justine....we enjoyed spending this time with them.

Wednesday we met with Headmaster Stephen again and got our "marching orders" from him.  We ate lunch at Aidah's then the team went to Namatala with Becca and Taylor and Sarah.  I went with Aidah to see the pig farm and to buy supplies for the IChooseYou children.  It was another good day in Uganda!!

Today, Thursday, Aidah had to fly out to Tanzania for a few days to prepare for a church planting team...she will be back on Saturday evening.  The team met at 6:15 am for our prayer time and then had breakfast.   Our driver picked us up at 7:45 and took us to Covenant to teach Bible (Micah and Ted), art (Kyla and Brandi), PE (Taylor) and music (Becca and Becky).  I was fun and full many happy much they bless us.  Darby  went to work with her sewing ladies....I think she will post an update about that later.  At lunch time we went to Aidah's...ate then hit the road again.  Brandi had her "Pink" Bible Study then Sarah took us back to Namatala.  We went to several of the kids homes.  Most of the moms were sewing (that's good) and the children were in school (that's good) so there was no one at home but we just walked through talking to people and allowing the little ones and the other childrent that are not in school hang all over times.
I would like to add that Josh Burleson is videoing (do you still call it that??) and photograhing everything that is going on and that we are seeing and is doing an amazing job....even with several children hanging on his arms and asking to be lifted up...he is great!!!
After being in the village for a couple or three hours we came upon several huts with moms and children around.  A lady went over to Becca and asked her to look at her son.  After Becca looked at him she realized that he was very ill.  They called me over and showed me the problem....his intestines were protruding outside of his body.  After asking her some questions and Becca putting a moist then dry bandage over it we told her that we would take the team back to the hotel and come back and get her some help.  We did deliver the team then we went to see Pastor Morris at his office.  We told him what the problem was and he went with us back to Namatala to see the lady.  After talking with her we found out that the baby (11 months old) was born with this condition and that she had taken him to the doctor a couple of times but did not have the money to have anything done.  The baby has only had powdered milk all his life with nothing else....he needs help.  So our plan is that in the morning (Friday), Becca, Taylor and I will go with Morris to take the mother and baby to the hospital to see what can be done....please pray for this precious little baby and mother and that we can get him into the hospital.  Also please pray for the medical know me, I can't just walk away from this situation and I know that Becca and Taylor can't either! 
What a day....God is so good.  This is what we ask for as we walk through that village that we love so...we want to do God's will and to be the hands and feet of Jesus....were He leads, we will follow. 
So, all of this to say...all is well...we are all so happy to be serving the Lord here in Uganda...Sponsors....Your children are doing well....are so happy and they send you their "Greetings"!
Love and Hugs to all of you,

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  1. i just love this!!! i cry at every blog and prob will continue to cry at every one to come. i miss that place and those people! i am so glad things are going well! keep loving those kids hug them for me! and my prayers and support are with you every day!!!

    Deanna Duke