Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Am A Karamojong...I Talk Like a Karamojong....I Walk Like A...

Hi Everyone,
Sorry that I am late updating the blog....we have been so busy!!  Let me highlight the last three days...

Friday....started out with Chapel at Covenant School.  Had a great time teaching the 200 plus students.  After Chapel we went to Namatala (we love going there and spending time with them).  We went looking for Agnus so we could doctor her leg.  We walked around for a couple of hours and never did find her...someone said that she was out looking for food (probably in the rubbish piles).  We will go back in the morning (Monday),  I have to change her bandage, hope she still has it on.  We will take her some food.  We then had lunch at Momma Aidah's.  We then went next door to see the sewing ladies and bought some wonderful beads and bags from them....they are working so hard and doing such a good job!!!  I asked Flower (Florence) if she wanted to go to the hotel with us and she could swim and spend the night....she was so excited.  She had never done anything like that before.  Callie and Hailey took such good care of her.  We laughed and took pictures of her in the pool and then after they cleaned up we had a Pizza Party!!!  That new for her too and she loved it.  It is so fun to experience new things with the kids.

Saturday was a big day for us....we had so much fun!!!!  Wasswa (found out how to spell his name!) and Momma Aidah  picked us up...on Aidah time :) and we went to the store to buy peanut butter, jam, bread, bananas and sodas. We fixed all of the kids and their families an American lunch...peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!!!!  (150 plus sandwiches) and they loved it!!  Then we had so much fun with the "store" that we set up for them to come in and pick out new play clothes, shoes, undies and toys.  After that we gave them new baseball caps for the boys and headbands with flowers for the girls....oh my goodnes they looked so cute!!!!....many pictures were taken.  After that the kids sang some songs for us then the mommas put on their skit and sang for us....what a wonderful day we had with our IChooseYou family!!!   They are all such blessings.

Today, Sunday, Callie, Lauri, Linda and I went to church.  We had two sick ones....Ted and Hailey had the stomach they couldn't go with us...they are much better tonight....Thank you Jesus!!  Church was typical 3 hours.....we had fun as always....Africans sure know how to worship and praise the Lord!!! The best thing happened in church today... Baby Loru's daddy was in church.  When they asked for the first timers to stand and introduce themselves, he stood up!!!   He said, "My name is .... and I am from Namatala.  Some Christians came by and saw my baby and helped us and took him to the hospital.  I was a Muslim but now I am Born Again!!!! Oh my was awesome!!!  Of course I was crying like a baby and everyone was clapping!!!  What a morning!!  As we left church we headed to the hospital to see Baby Loru.  As we walked in he was standing up in his crib and hanging onto the bars on the window and looking out!!!!   It was so good to see him do that...he was fussy which we took as a good sign....God is so good!  We came back to the hotel for lunch then Wasswa picked us up about 5:15 and we went to see and say "Goodbye" to the ladies....that was sooo hard.  We have such a great IChooseYou family.  They are going to be in a ladies conferance this week so they won't be sewing...but that is so good for them.
We had fun because some of the kids were there with us....they were playing and we took so many pictures....I can post more of them when I get home....internet is slow here and it takes forever to post pics.

So there are the highlights from the last three days....hope all is well at home with ya'll.  It will be so hard to leave Uganda on Friday but we are going to be glad to see everyone.

Love and hugs to all of you,

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