Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hi Everyone,
It has been an amazing day.  Wasawa picked us up this morning and we went to the hospital to see Baby Loru.  He is doing well...he had 3-4 teaspoons of milk and kept it down this morning.  They still have him on an IV a few times each day.  He was alert....he is a tough little guy....he whines a little but not much and he isn't crying!!!  Pastor Morris will pick up some meds tomorrow in Kampala and bring them back to the hospital for him....I will try to post some pictures of the little guy....I am having problems with my pictures because the internet is really slow here!

We put on a "Small Wound Clinic" in Namatala today....Amazing!!!!  We saw 60 children and 4 or 5 adults in a two hour span.  Most were not too bad but some where in pretty bad shape.  It is hard because we don't have doctors with us to give out many coughs, colds, worms, malaria etc.  but we did what we wounds (which took a lot.....when they bleed they put manure on the wound to stop the bleeding), putting anti-bacterial cream and hydrogen proxide on them then bandaging them.  We are just trying to keep them from getting infected. 

After lunch we went back out and stopped and visited a young lady that had surgery in December to remove a mass in her stomach....she has not been able to get off of her mat since then!!!  She was so weak....we prayed for her and sat with her for a little while but that is all we could do....we will check on her tomorrow.  Then we set up our little clinic again...a young lady came out with some of the worst wounds that I have ever seen....Becca cleaned them and bandaged them then the rain started.....after standing under a metal roof on a shack waiting for the storm to pass....Wasawa and Ted came to our rescue!!!  They drove the van right up to us and we slip slided to the van (we needed a boat!) but we got out of the village.  We will go back tomorrow and I will re-dress the girl's wounds and check on the others.  There is so much need here, it breaks your heart....please join us in praying for a medical team to come next year....we need it!!!!

We are so blessed.....God is healing little Loru, we are seeing people come to know the Lord, we are loving on so many people and our IChooseYou family is wonderful and so fun to be with.....Thank you Lord!!!!

Please keep little Loru in your prayers, the lady with the bad wounds and our team.  We have a great team....what a blessing they are.

I will try to put some pictures up soon.
Good night and hugs to all of you,

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