Monday, June 6, 2011


What a day it was today!!!  Team Two is here and we are up and running.  We started with breakfast at 7:00 this morning and prayer in the Wanale Hut at 8:00.  Wasawa picked us up at 9:00 and we headed for Namatala (no sense in waisting time!)
First stop was to see baby Loru and his momma Maureen.  He was his sweet little happy self!  His daddy was there this morning.  He came over with tears in his eyes (he is/was Muslim) and said that he "sees it now" that he is going to change his ways that he has to and that "he has seen the light".  I talked to him for a few minutes asking him what he meant by that and he told us that "he knows".  I continued to ask him what he knew and he just keep saying that he has seen the light and that he had to change.  I asked him if he wanted to know Jesus and he said yes.  I asked him if he knew what Jesus had done for him....he listened and then said yes then Becca led him throught the prayer.  After that he had big tears and was so both mom and dad have received Christ and are going to go to church...there will be some men to follow up with him!!!!  Isn't God so good....He knew when little Loru was born with this medical problem that some Mazungus would be walking in Namatala and stop and see this baby.  He know that the mom and dad would see how God is working in their lives and that they would come to know blessed we are to be a part of this, to see God working right in front of us....He is amazing!!!
Please kAfeep Loru and his parents in your prayers.  I think his surgery will be around 9:00 in the morning (Tuesday)....while you will be asleep.  Please pray for God's perfect healing throught the doctors, that He will guide the doctors hands and for no infection at all to set in.  Also for his parents....peace and continued faith and knowing that they are loved and that God has them in His hands!!
After all of that we saw Regina....she is the lady that received Christ last week, that is very ill....came crawling out of her hut and we prayed over her two different times last week.  Regina is doing much better!!!!  She was outside and sitting at her neighbors hut and she was eating!!!!  We prayed over her again and we will go back to see her again tomorrow or in a couple of days!!!  Godd is so good!!
We went to see Margaret that was sick last week....she is a little better but still needs prayer.....we sat with her for a little while then prayed with her....what a jewel she is (we think she is in her 90s....she says that she is younger then Ted...they have kidded about that for 4 years!!)  I love that lady!!!
We took Lauri to see where Musa (YumYum) lives....and she got to meet his mother, Harriett.  We are looking for a 12 year old boy that Ted and I talked to last week....he is a Muslim but really wants to go to school....we will see what God does here!
We spent the afternoon with Darby's Sewing Ladies....had such a good time with them!!!  Margaret (Momma Flower) is trying to teach Lauri and I how to make the paper beads....we each made two pretty good ones while the ladies had made several necklaces....hahaha....they are getting a kick out of how slow the Muzugus are!!
Hassin and his new bride, Juliette came to the hotel and had dinner with us tonight to celebrate their marriage....they are so sweet....we all enjoyed being with them so much.
Well....know that everyone is doing well here....we are blessed!!
I'll update tomorrow and let you know how Baby Loru is doing.
Love and Hugs to all of you,

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