Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baby Loru/David's second surgery

Well Hello IChooseYou Family,

It's been such a long while since I have updated the blog....We have been home about 6, how time flies and how life does keep on going.  Ted and I have been very busy....going to doctors and hospitals and I'm back at work with Crosstalk.  Ted did have to have 2 more units of blood when we returned and we have a doctors appointment on Monday with a new doctor...looking to see if he can help with that darn ole tumor in his small intestines.  We would love you prayers concerning this and I will try to be better at updating the blog to let you know what is going on.

Crosstalk is going great!!!  We are getting ready for the students to get back to Texas State...we will meet some Freshmen this weekend at "Rise"...go proud of what you are doing!

Now...for Baby Loru/David....

If you remember, this is the baby that we found in the village of Namatala with the intestinal problem.  He had his first surgery when we were still there and he has done great with the wonderful nursing care that he has gotten from Becca and Taylor while they were still there and by Paul after they left.

Well...tomorrow, Friday...late tonight for us...Baby Loru/David will have his second and last surgery!!  Please everyone pray that he does well with this surgery and that the doctors and nurses will be guided by the Lord throughout the procedure and afterwards.  Also, let's pray for comfort and peace for Mama Loru/David (Maureen) and Papa Loru/David (Sulli).  God is still in the miracle business and we have been blessed to watch how His miracle has unfolded in the lives of Baby Loru/David and his family!!!

If you are wondering why I am calling him Baby Loru/David....David (which I need to start calling him) is his new Christian name...oh our God is so good!!!

So, watch for the next update on this miracle!!!

Hope all is well with all of you.

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