Friday, August 12, 2011

What's going on....Is...

Hi Everyone,

Thought I'd better give you an update today.  So here we go:

Ted is doing pretty well.  The doctor in San Antonio could not help us but we saw a doctor last week in Round Rock that thinks he can...Thank you Lord!!  Ted will have a procedure on Aug. 23...would love to have your prayers for that!

Crosstalk is going great!!...Had CT Community groups going all summer and they were amazing....thank you CT leaders for your faithfullness!  Rise Retreat was last weekend and it went very well...Callie, John and everyone ... great job!!

Now for Baby Loru/David:
They were late getting to the hospital last week and the doctor left so it was postponed until yesterday (Thursday) kind of.  Glenn sent Callie a text this morning (they are 8 hours ahead of around 4ish in the pm for them) saying that they were at the hospital for cleansing today and that the surgery will be I am thinking that his surgery will be on Saturday...Friday night/early Saturday morning for us.  I ask again for  your prayers...for the Lord to guide the surgeons hands, for Him to guide the nurses and everyone else that is working on Baby Loru/David and for peace and comfort for Mama Loru/David (Maureen) and Papa Sulli.  Also for this to be the last surgery for this little guy and that he will grow up strong and that the Lord will use him and his family in mighty ways to serve the Kingdom!!

Thank all of you, the IChooseYou family, for your love, your prayers and your faithfullness.

I will update you when I hear something...I hope all of you are blessed today!


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