Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Well, we made it through another day in the world of medicine!!!  Namatala was a hopping place today.  We arrived at around 8:30 and we had a team meeting.  Had to get a few things settled with the two teams working together.  Meeting went well and we all got to work.  I'm not sure yet how many people we saw in the two days but it was a lot!!!  I have the sheets and will count them soon.  Saw many people with aches and pains, HIV, colds and of course malnutrition.  I found a mom with a month old baby girl that was probably just days away from death.  I took her to Dr. Bumba and he immediately told her to get the baby to the hospital.  Her little hand was so tiny....it looked like a skeleton with skin on it.  She didn't know how to suck so she was not able to nurse.  I'm going in the morning to the hospital to check on her.

Of course, the team was great!!!  They all worked so hard, I am very proud of them.  We are pretty tired after two days in the field with the medical team but very happy that we were able to serve the families of Namatala and our Lord in this way.

We are taking a break and are at Chat and Chinos for dinner.  Tomorrow the kids are going to climb Mount Wanale....that should be interesting.  It is the mountain behind our hotel...pray for them!!!  Just kidding, they will be fine!!

It's been a great trip so far....Hailey Littmann left today.  It was so wonderful having her here with us....it's been too long since we were here together.  Mark, Darby and Mollie leave on Friday....we will miss them so much!!!  The rest of the team will be back in Namatala digging and planting and probably have many small wounds clinics....we are becoming doctors and nurses!!!!....and pharmacists!!!!  Field work is great!!!

We all send our love....keep the prayers coming and I'll try to update again in a couple of days!!

God is Good...Becky

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