Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I just realized that I didn't update the blog on Saturday, June 9!!  We had our second IChooseYou Family day!  Let's see if I can remember everything that went on that day.  We started it at 2:00, all of the children and their moms came to the church....the sounds of laughter and the big smiles on their faces just make your heart smile :)

I probably won't have the order of our day correct but I do remembe WHAT we did!!

The mamas sang and danced, the Karamojong mamas sang and danced, the children had several wonderful programs for us...singing and dancing.

We handed out their gift the bags were letters and pictures from their sponsors, hand lotion, soap and shampoo, their new 2012 IChooseYou t-shirt and the most wonderful little dresses from Janice Johnson in Wimberley....THANK YOU JANICE....and bright colored t-shirts for the boys!!! 

We took their pictures with their new IChooseYou t-shirts on then we changed their clothes and put their new dresses and shirts on....oh how smart they looked!!!!

The team had several activities going on outside with the kids....Scott, Kady and Molly had the parachute out, David was teaching guitar to some of the kiddos, Haley and Deanna had the kids in a classroom making fun masks....everyone was helping and having so much fun!!!  Our IChooseYou children are all so happy....just wait until you see the pictures!!!  How blessed we all are!!

Well, that's about all for Sat. the 9th....I just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU", to Janice and her daughter-in-law for the love they put into those dresses and shirts....the kids could feel it!!!

Love and Blessings from Mbale, Uganda,


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