Monday, June 11, 2012


Just wanted to update what has been going on for the last few days.  Team One left last weekend and Team Two arrived on Tuesday of last week.  Boy did the dynamics change!!!  We have had two great teams!!!  We went to Namatala on the Wednesday so we could introduce them to the wonderful people there then ended up at Covenant School to see our IChooseYou kids when they got out of school.

On Thursday, we went back into Namatala and put a garden in at the home of Sarah and scouted out the location for our next garden.  Sarah is the young lady that works for IChooseYou and lives in Namatala. Then on Friday we went to Mama Irene's home and put in garden number 4.  Man there was a lot of digging going on!!  I have learned so much from these Ugandan mamas...we planted carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, kale, bell peppers and eggplant in all of our gardens.  I am hopeful that we can put at least 2 more in before we leave in 2 1/2 weeks.

Saturday we had our second "IChooseYou Family Day".  It was so much fun.  The children and the parents had several programs that they had prepared for us.  We gave the children their IChooseYou t-shirts, their new little dresses and shirts, took their school pictures and then group pictures.  They had so much fun with their art project with Hailey and Deanna.  Booth and Paul and Scott had a group singing, Scott, Mollie,  Kady and Hailey had a group playing with the parachute, Kristyn and Callie held was a fun day!!!

Sunday after church we had lunch at Morris and Aidah's house then went out to Lulwanda Children's Home to visit with the children.  It was such a treat, as always.  Darby had a wonderful treat...her little Davis had several "big" parts in the program!!  We met the new director, Patrick....what a nice man.  Natalie was such the wonderful hostess, giving us a tour and telling the team the history of Lulwanda.  It was a great day.

Now, for today....Monday.  Our first day of the medical clinc in Namatala.  On Sat. Mark and Ted and I met with the doctors and bought 4 million shillings worth of medical supplies....that's a lot!!!!  We met up at Aidah's this morning to sort them supplies then went to the Mustard Seed Church in Namatala and got set up.  We learned a lot about what all goes into a medical clinic.  The team was AMAZING!!!!  Always willing to help and finding ways to help without being was a hard and long day but we feel like we learned so much and we are ready for tomorrow.  We saw several hundred people today....we had a PA system set up with Hassen preaching and music playing.  There were a lot of dancing going on outside the clinic by the children and of course our amazing team set up a small wounds clinic and did some pretty amazing things that were NOT so small.

It's been a long day and we are off to bed so we can get started at 6:30 in the morning...I'll try to write more tomorrow.

We miss all of you but are so thankful for what all the Lord is doing in Namatala.  Thank you all for you prayers.

We all send our love,

The Second IChooseYou Team of 2012

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