Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hi Friends,

Sorry about taking so long to update.  The internet at the hotel is soooo bad this year.  We are at Chat and Chinos tonight for dinner and they have internet!!

We have had many trips over the last several days to the main hospital in Mbale checking on Mama Irene and her little ones.  The  baby is much better....hoping to teach the mama HOW to be a mama...she is 30 years old and has 10 children.  Oh my...it is so hard to break the cycle here.  Please pray with us that she will understand how important for her to learn how to take care of her babies and to stop having them.

We have finished 5 gardens and the Lord is certainly doing His part.  It is raining every day here.  It does slow us down but we are trying to get out earlier in the mornings because it rains in the afternoon.  We put a garden in at Mama Beatrice's (Madina) home today.  It was interesting....she said that it was ready with manure already there.  Well....she was right!!!  It was very, very fresh manure....we had to think it through first then we got to it!!!  What a team I have....we were covered but got er done!!

I had some good office time with Sarah this afternoon.  She updated me on how each child is doing.  It was an encouraging time with her.  WE are so blessed to have her working for us and for the sweet and wonderful children that are in IChooseYou.  God has blessedus so much!!

We will be getting up and out early in the morning (Wednesday) to do a Small Wounds Clinic in Namatala.  Will try to report back on that tomorrow.

All is well in Uganda....hope all is well with everyone at home.

We all send our love to y'all,


OH....we went to my favorite resturant yesterday!!!!  The Pork Joint in Namatala....almost everyone ate....it was so good!!!!

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