Sunday, June 3, 2012

Friday June First

The weekend brought many adventures, both good and tough. Friday we were able to go see St. Kitzo’s baby home, this could be considered one of the tough parts as well as a good one.  We were able to take a tour and get basic information about the home and how it runs. There were around 35 kids at the home and 13 of them were infants. I (Deanna) was able to see my baby Peter that I met two years ago as an infant. It was so good to see that he was healthy and growing since he was one of triplets and the only one to survive at birth. He had a problem with his foot but they told us that that with much physical therapy he is walking like a champ at around two and half years old. Needless to say it was good for all to see the baby home but it can also be tough to see such sadness with babies being abandoned and parentless.  After the baby home we went to Namatala and split into two groups, half going to visit the sewing ladies houses and the other half working with some of the needs in Namatala. My group went to help a malnourished baby who is almost three but looks about eighteen months. We have been making some formula in empty water bottles and instructing the mother on how to help this baby eat and keep it down. We also gave some children’s cough syrup to his younger brother who was sick with a fever. This is the family of Mudua Irene who is in IChooseYou and her family has 10 children, and many of them are sick. We also checked on our garden and prayed for some rain for it. That night we arranged a party for our families to just hang out and enjoy each other’s company. This would also be a good goodbye for our first team. We arrived at seven and as soon as we did the down pour started. The kids and families were stuffed into our sewing room waiting on us and greeting us as true Africans do... LOUD and full of Joy.  We all moved into the house, and they then asked for the program. Becky then turned to me and Madison and said something along the lines of “Go ahead girls”, so we danced and sang songs. We praised with the kids, even trying to teach them the cha cha slide, until the rain stopped and we were instructed that the families needed to go home now because it would take a while for them to get there because of the weather. This was another one of the tough but good times because it was hard for the first team to say goodbye to the kids and families.

God is good …All the time or as they say in Uganda All de time…

Deanna Duke

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