Monday, June 11, 2012

From the ichooseyou sewing club!

Greetings from Uganda and the ichooseyou sewing club!!
We’ve been working hard on some new things. They have some new fabrics as well as those brought from the U.S.

Some great news…Mt. Elgon is going to have the moms make some new chair cushion covers (60!) and headboard covers. This is big for them as they are getting their ‘foot in the door’ in an established business. Please pray that they will have more opportunities like this in the future and that they finish this project well, also that God will open doors for them for their business here.

It’s been good being here for a month! So nice to get to know the moms better and take more time showing them things and not feel rushed. We’ve been going over understanding how to use a pattern (some are still learning to read!), reinforcing how important a budget is for them and their business, and other things. I can see a difference from year one to now!

What a blessing to work with these families who teach US so much!
Today (and tomorrow) we had a medical clinic for the moms and their families who don’t have much of an opportunity to go to the Dr.

We’ll wrap up the week with filling some sewing orders for the teams that have already been here.
I can not say thanks enough for all the prayers for these families.

God is good ALL de time! Darby

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